Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Some pictures of the sewing room (finally?)

I took a long weekend and turned this:

Into this:

View from the doorway
To be honest, there are still a few boxes hiding out behind the cutting table, but for all intents and purposes, it is a functional room!

A pseudo-panoramic view of the shelving; looking left from the doorway, starting off with silks and brocades, then next shelf to the right is cotton & scraps, then the corner, in which tall, skinny things are stored, like yardsticks, zip ties & giant clamps, then the linen, lace, and "other" shelf.  The last two shelves are machines, tools, notions, & patterns.  I've put boxes of "in-progress" projects across the top of the shelves.  One day, I may get some coordinating boxes, but for now, the hodgepodge works.

The cutting table is accessible from 3 sides, and lives next to the window.  I've also stored pattern making supplies, ironing & pressing tools, as well as the Big Sewing Machine.  

And then, turning completely around, on the other side of the door, I've gutted the closet, installed a large bookcase and cobbled together some shelves for the empty space, and have stored all my "non-sewing" crafting supplies.  (Mostly card/scrapbooking & clay)

All of the plastic tubs are sorted, organized, and labeled.  (whew!)  I still need to go through the canvas bins and properly sort and label the narrow wares, but is more or less somewhat functional.

More importantly, I need to go through my patterns and organize them and put everything back together in packets - I'm really bad about returning pieces to their proper location!

All the yarn lives on a bookcase in the guest room (aka "Princess Room", if you ask my niece), as there really isn't an inch to spare in here!   Now I just need to get the rest of my house & yard back into shape (again) and it will be time for some sewing!



  1. Wow!!! I am in awe of your organizational skills, I wish my sewing room looked half as put together!

  2. Well....we'll see how long it *stays* organized! I tend to be a whirlwind when it comes to sewing - I'm sure it will be a disaster in no time! ;)

    But for now, I'm pretty relieved to have a space that I can be creative in. :D

  3. Looking great! I can't believe you've had two stash sales and STILL have so much great stuff!

  4. I think I've tapped the market, or I would have another one! I keep finding boxes to unpack, with yet *more* stuff. AAAAGH! ;)

    p.s. Miss you!