Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Even MORE RVIoD Thoughts...

On a whim, last night, I had Husband look at the RVIoD portrait and tell me what he thought about the neckline. He came up with something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, and totally awesome....tell me if you see what I see!!!

Here's a refresher...(and the webpage if you want to blow it up more!)

It's a 'magic eye' kind of a thing....One of the biggest insights Hubby had was that he saw gold-ish pearls in the center of each repeat. Now that he has said it, I can't look at the neckline without seeing the beads/pearls, where as before, it had never even crossed my mind.

Do you see the bead/pearl thingies too??!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I learned a new thing today....

I taught myself how to do 7-strand braided cord this morning...I'm pretty stoked...for no apparant reason.

It takes longer to create the braided cord than lucet cord does, but the overall effect is really pretty neat. I need to find some sort of project that encompasses all the little mini-skillz I've been picking up lately.