Thursday, February 4, 2010

What the heck is it with me and stripes?!

I've been hoarding all this striped fabric, and have only one half-made garment that uses stripes! And now the urge has struck again.....I really want this fabric! (and it's even pink....the world has gone topsy-turvy!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yay Preggo Pictures!

Many thanks to ayeshadream for pointing me to the following websites:

Below are my two favorite late(r) period -

But I just adore this one, for so many reasons! Check out what looks like a crown french braid on the chick in the red, and the bright blue lady in the background is wearing what looks like a full-head snood!

And here are some random ponderings I had while checking out the headgear - all four ladies appear to be pregnant, and this is supposed to be of Mary (of mother of Jesus fame) - but here's the weird thing.....three of the four ladies are wearing various shades of blue, and all appear to be pregnant. The central figure, who has the gold crown of glory ("crown of heaven", maybe? I may have made those terms up - I'm not sure) and is being attended on by a male (Joseph?) figure, also with the crown, is wearing red. So, is this pre- "Mary always wears blue"? or from some other Christian tradition (look closely at the eyes, they're not very "western") where Mary isn't signified by blue?

TRH Tunics = Done

(and handed off to Thea)

One project ticked off the colossal "To Do in 2010" list!

(Poor picture of the felled french seams.....I am actually quite pleased with these - I think they just may be my best felled french seams, evar. Not like you can really tell from the picture above, but trust me. I iz a happy seamstress. Also, not even ONCE did I finish a seam and go "*%&*(^!!!!! inside out!!!!" *unpick, unpick, unpick* Yes, I know felled french seams are not period. But between taking a week off work to handsew them and using a serger, I chose to do neither and go the french seam route.)

Pregnant Portraits

I will not describe our Baroness as "fecund", as I've already discussed, I really do dislike that word! But I've been on the lookout for pregnant ladies in portraiture and paintings.

Thanks to SCAToday, here's one more:

Does anyone have any more that I can add to my little stash?

Monday, February 1, 2010

More Pin Pillow

I think I'm starting to get more confident with my stitches. I think this little guy is pretty cute! I still need to work on my shading abillities (obviously, since this poor little guy is extremely two dimensional) but all in all, I'm still progressing.

Instead of working on the foxgloves (??) next, I decided to give my poor brain a break and start work on the background. I'm getting these silly ridges every second line that I'm not terribly pleased about, but I'm unsure of how to get rid of them, since it's the nature of the stitch. Hm. Ah well.

I'll post more about the background next time....

Weekend and Whatnot

I finally got TRH's projects out of my trunk and I started working on them late Saturday. I really meant to start on Friday, but didn't have the motivation - then I got a very late start to the day on Saturday, and spent the greater portion of the day wracking my brainz trying to find where I had put the *bleeping* patterns. (Of course I put them somewhere completely random saying to myself all the while "I had better put them here, it'll be *safe* here")

Anyhoo, finally got started really late on Saturday afternoon, but couldn't keep my focus! (I am absolutely terrible about sewing all by myself - I kept wandering around the house and finding *shiny*......)

Cozmo 'helped' by holding down those pesky finished pieces....

(Thea - if TRH have any goggie allergies, *everything* will need to be washed. My house is very goggie filled and not safe for those of the allergic sector. The undertunics should probably be washed before *real* wearing anyway - my iron kept spitting ugly little spots....but it should come out just fine in a hot water wash with OxyClean)

Of course, I kept my holding pattern of being all distracticated and mopey, so I didn't finish on time for Thea to pick up on Sunday afternoon. (Bad Serafina - no biscotti!!) I have just a couple more seams on the very last tunic, and they're ready to go back to Thea!

(Thea, I am *so sorry*....I am the embodiment of *lame* this weekend! I will make sure it's not a hassle to get these to you before you leave on Saturday - I pinkie swear!)