Saturday, June 27, 2009

Red Velvet Dress - Collar/Bertha

I've spent most of the morning draping the collar for the dress. A few drafts later, and I think I've finally come up with a workable pattern. I'm stalling cutting out the velvet right now!

Obviously, it's not perfectly pinned, but I think it's close enough that I can use the pattern. I wanted to do it in one solid piece, but it looks like that is not going to be possible. There is a seam up the center to make everything fit right. I kind of wish I had been able to get it just a smideon more pointy at the bottom, but I think it will work just find the way it is.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Red Velvet Dress con't (more different other from the RVIoD dress, btw)

Thankfully, I decided to work from home today....I woke up to two giant piles of doggie barf in the took almost an hour to get cleaned up........eeeeeeugh. o.O

But now on to more pleasant things.....I've go the bodice sewn back together, and this time, it fits. (phew!) I flatlined all of the velvet with a thick black canvas. (The reverse side shows the seams quite well!)

I need to edit the neckline a bit....I looked at the portrait again and it's more of a "V" rather than a scoop. I've learned that it is Very Important to constantly check and re-check my source, since my mind automatically fills in things that are not quite correct (Case in point, below)

I'm struggling with the boning channels. Normally, I do not bone my bodices at all, with the exception of the center back seam. I think this bodice is going to need some extra boning up the front, and down each side as well.....I thihnk I'm going to use the old standby, zipties. I'll be covering the boning with bias tape, and then tack the boning casing to the seam somehow. This is out of my range of experience, so once again, and SUGGESTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

The first boning in it's casing....only two to four more to go (depending on if I decide to do two rows down the sides or not.)

It's been crazy busy at work today, so my whole plan of sewing inbetween client fires has been totally shot down. poo.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Red Velvet con't

Upon closer inspection, it is starting to look like the bertha/collar thing is ONLY on the front. There is a ridge on the shoulder seam that looks like the collar dissapears into. If this is the case, then I think my whole "well, how do I get into it if it's solid all the way around" problem is solved. I still, however, need to figure out a way to attach it to the shoulder without looking like poo.

I've asked Holly if she'd be willing to take on a commission for the jewelry...I'll see what she says! ;)

CC '09 updates (Cranford and Red Velvet dresses)

Cranford Dress -

I still need to:
*Hem (done!)
-Add hooks up the back (will be waiting until closer to CC, in case I loose more weight!)
-Make bum roll (I'm undecided about this one....may not make it)

*Trim bonnet (done!)
*Add ties to bonnet (done!)
-Trim side curls/make hair piece
-Make sleeve puffles? (or tack into place for less poofy style)
-Make belt - need to find out if I need to use fusible interfacing for stiffness.......ANYONE HAVE SUGGESTIONS FOR MAKING A BELT OUT OF RIBBON?
-Make reticule (?)

I'm really not as angry as I look in this picture! I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out!

I started on the Red Velvet Dress last night -

My math is teh sucks....I made all the seam allowances too big, so after I had sewn the entire thing together, I had to rip it all apart again to make it fit. (I need to sew it all back together again when I get home from work today) *sigh*

But the pattern itself looks like it will work quite nicely. (I ended up chopping off about 6" from the neckline, it ended up far, far too high for the evening gown I'm trying to make.

There are three major areas that I am concerned about now that the bodice is (mostly) figured out:

1. Collar/bertha - I think this will be mostly resolved through creative draping. I'm mostly concerned about the I sew it in inbetween the lining and the fashion fabric, or do I let it drape along the outside, tacking into place?

2. Skirt - Do I do an attached or a detached skirt?! Gaah...this one is killing me. I am SO undecided. I'm kind of leaning towards the detached, but I am very concerned that the velvet will be too bulky underneath such a tight bodice. boo.

3. Sleeves - Another thing that will probably be resolved when I acutally get to draping them. Also probably my least of the three.

High-level to do -

-Sew bodice back together (with correct seam allowances), add boning/hooks
-Make skirt
-Draft sleeves
-Draft collar/bertha
-Make headpiece/hairpiece
-Find/buy ribbon and lace for sleeves and neckline
-Find/buy jewelry

Luckily, ALL of the gutchies for the Cranford dress will work with this dress, so all the hard work I put into them will get triple use! (Cranford, Red Velvet, Sunday Undies) Although I will need to find laundry facilities so I can wash my chemise. I don't have the energy (or time) to make another set, and I think I'll need a fresh set with so much wear.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cranford Dress....nearing completion!!!

Well, I tried it on for the first time, and I feel so.......swishy!!! (I actually felt a little bit like Little Bo Peep, to tell the truth)

I still need to:
-Hem (In progress)
-Add hooks up the back
-Make bum roll
-Trim bonnet
-Add ties to bonnet
-Trim side curls
-Make sleeve puffles? (or tack into place for less poofy style)
-Make belt
-Make reticule (?)

I got a pair of slippers that I think will work fairly well...I wish the toes were a bit longer/squarer like the shoes of the period, but since they will be covered pretty much all the time, I'm not too worried about it. (But they are kinda cute!)

Uprising = Teh Awesomest Evar!

Well, color me jealous! Holly got a brand-new spiffin' coat of awesomeness, which I am thoroughly green with envy over --

Thankfully, she was wearing it when she got called up into Grand Court for her Key Cross!!!! W00T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I was able to remember to at least snap *one* picture of some of the girls....(Missed out on getting a whole bunch of others, ah well)

(Me, Aine, Maysun, Melia)

On the way to the event, we passed the Potato Museum. You think I'm joking? ......

But anyway, it was rainy, but not *too* rainy, I had a smashing time hanging out with everyone, my class went OK, and the Artisan's Showcase was very nice, and the kitchen turned out WONDERFUL. I wish I had just *one more day*.....

I think I have mah honee hooked on the SCA for reals now....he's been a smidge uncomfortable about the whole thing, but he's coming 'round.

Also think I have mah sis hooked on some more different other styles of dress (see above!) w00t!

I've had many, many promises from many people that WE WILL start working on projects regularly, and I'm hoping that acutally happens. (.....especially since I asked Mistress Bethany a Very Important Question, to which, I am hoping the answer is "Yes". Ooooh, need to make another belt....muahahaha)

My mind is all cluttered with a million different thoughts, and I'm finding it hard to articulate, but all in all, had a great time!