Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend Sewing not-so Frenzy

I had originally planned on working on my stays and drafting up a bustle pattern. Seeing as it is now 3pm on Sunday, I'm not so sure how the whole plan will work out. Yesterday, my sis came over in the morning, then I went to the movies with mah hubby, then we ended up working in the yard for the rest of the afternoon. With going to bed early, I got next to no sewing done yesterday.

I did, however, get to finish the other front piece of my effigy corset!

Today, I got the back piece cut out and the lines all drafted out. After posting, I'll start on sewing the lines. *blah* I am really excited to see this project to completion, but my fingers are turning to hamburger.

Ok, on to the pics!

Starting to look more corset-y, no? :)

Lines, lines, lines!

I really am quite excited to start getting all the boning in, but I'm making myself finish *all* the casings first.


I finally snapped some photos of the new stash fabric....

These two are probably my favorite, and most appropriate....

This one is quite pretty. It has an odd streak of blue through the ground, though.

I love the pattern and the color. Again, the ground is kind of funky. It's stripey!

Again with the strange stripes in the ground. It's by far the most noticable, but at $3/yd, I couldn't pass it up!

I finally figured out how to store all my boning zip ties!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CCRVD - update

I've been slowly plugging away at this, but have not been posting much of it. I got the sleeves on (which I'm not totally thrilled with), and the armscye bound. Still left to do on the bodice:
-tack ruching/tucks on neckline
-tack ruching on sleeves
-attach ribbons to sleeves

Not looking very impressive, but there it is.

Binding on the armscye....

The pleating on the sleeve cap. I totally fail at this sleeve. I like the front OK, the back is horriffic.

Inside view of the sleeve...gathered to the sleeve lining to create *pouf*

Headdress before addition of velvet 'ribbons'.