Friday, May 29, 2009

Sitting in the Pavillion.....

ow beautiful is she?!?!

Matt snuggling cute!

I have Demitri on my lap, and Cozmo is snuggled deep in Kao's wool cloak.

Michael, Bowen, and Sean in their Roman outfits...what handsome young men!

Aislinn wearing my zibie....on her it looks like a huge stole! Teh cutes!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Roman family...

The whole Roman family....aren't they just the best?!

Some better pictures of Aislinn and Michael. Aislinn is the most adorable Roman baby I've seen!


islinn got her first "award", a 'welcome to the Barony' type of a was so adorable, she was so cute and giggly during the presentation, where just before she was cranky and fussy...she knew she was in the spotlight! (I just have to day it one more time, doesn't Melia just look stunning?!)

Veronique du Holloway recieved a Golden Pillar for her service. She so very much deserves it!

Bowen and Sean participated in the youth boffer tourney, and all the children were presented with treats for participation. Both Bowen and Sean did very well in the tournament, but ultimately did not win.

Only a couple more pics...

I didn't know it until just now, but Kao snapped this picture of Cozmo basking in the sun during the event, doing his 'road kill' impression...hehe!

My hair is already morphing out of the horns into a misshappen bun set, and I have my zib hanging from my belt, (snarkers -- back orff!!!!) but here is a pic mah hubby snapped of me with my necklace and zibie prezzies....

Holly Blue Dress, Quest, and Much, Much Funs!!!

Instead of doing one giant post of doom, I broke things down into seperate posts. I think my LJ cuts are working, so be very thankful! I have a multitude of pictures from the weekend!

But this post is for Holly's Blue Dress!!! (Yay!)

This is one of my favorite of the poses! I forgot that in the portrait she has one hand up, we'll have to do another shoot with a dark backdrop and her left hand raised to get the portrait look.

Here's another one that just turned out *so* awesome.....

And I just have to show her crazy awesome hair....she had her hair put in braids the night before, and took them out after she got dressed. :D

All the other posts are behind cuts! :D