Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quick Update Post

I’ll have a picture of the second set of panniers soon, they’re almost photographable!

Other Noelle has nearly finished her stays, and they are gorgeous!


We went to JoAnns today, and I found this lovely celery green brocade – the picture does not do it justice!  Guess how much it was?!  No really, guess.


You’re wrong.  It was $3.50/yd.  BWAHAHAHA.  Score!

Also, Other Noelle and I have come up with a logo for our joint project.  Conveniently enough, both our last names start with “P”; so the monogram is “Double Noelle Project/P-for-last-name”

ndp logo

Sleep is for the weak


cartoon late night

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The comfiest spot is on your fabric


dogs and sewing

I think it’s called “Textile Art”






p.s.  I may or may not keep doing some cartoons in the future, but just for reference, the original ‘character’ look was inspired by one of my friends, but is not, in fact her.  (Just easier to draw her hair than my curly ‘fro.  I tried!)

Also, because I couldn’t sleep, here’s a ‘prettier’ version……

cartoon textile art

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sewing cartoons

Headbands going up on Etsy…..eventually

If you want one before I go through and get them all loaded*, let me know!


*I want to photograph them properly and see if I can find someone to model them.

Back to panniers

I set aside the infuriating stays for a moment to focus on getting the second set of panniers done.  The linen is not as stiff in this pair, and I’m using a slightly different design – it will be interesting to see what the differences are.


When doing things like hoops, it’s invaluable to have multiple sheets of transfer paper, and a good tracing wheel.  (My favorite is the needle-point wheel)


And while I was looking for a good link for the tracing wheel above, look what I found!  This handy tool, called quirkily enough, a “Roll-A-Pattern”.  I’m thinking this handy thing might have to come and live in my stash some day!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled programming–”Stays Edition”

First, a bit of whining:  I’m incredibly uninspired when it comes to these stays.  I very much understand now why there were two separate and distinct professions; those who made stays, and those who made clothing.  I am very, VERY much not a person who makes stays, or any sort of shaping garment. 

I haven’t been this close to tears over a sewing project in years, and I am about to loose it.  I know how to sew, honestly I do – but for some reason these stays are escaping me!  If I had the time to commission a pair of stays, I very much would at this point, but time is limited, and the very few whom I would entrust them to wouldn’t have the time in such short notice.

Ok, deep breath!  Stays, and my progress (or lack thereof)

Here’s my mockup, which went fairly well.  At this point, I was still pretty positive about the whole endeavor.  I read somewhere on LJ recently about taping boning in place for corset mockups, and I will say, it works like a charm.  I will be using this trick when mocking up my boned bodices from now on!


I promptly ruined the front panel of the lovely silk that Jaqulinne gifted me to make my stays out of by water staining from my iron.  I’ll have to look at it again in the light of day to see if I need to replace the front section.  (Um, ok.  It doesn’t show up that well in the picture, but I assure you, it’s there.)


And here are all the pieces cut out and ready to be assembled.  (The front panel is already constructed


I got as far as finishing all the major seams before I quit for the night.  I need to take a break and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning, because right now, I’m at the end of my proverbial rope!


Signing off for now!

Monday, April 25, 2011


I’m thinking of starting an Etsy store to support my costuming habit (at least a little bit).

Question #1 – What should I name my store?  Any opinions?  My top choices are already taken (of course), and I’m running low on the creativity at the moment.

Question #2 – Should I have one store, mixing crafting and costuming together or two separate stores?  (I don’t know a lot about Etsy, so this may not even be possible.)

I’m going to start on the costuming front by cleaning out my closet and posting things that I don’t need any longer/no longer fit.

I have a few crafting things to throw up there, too:

Three headbands leftover from Emma’s Easter outfit:

And a goofy little gift card ‘purse’, also from materials left over from the Easter project….

Easter Roundup

I swear, I will get back to my regular posting habits, right after I recover from the whirlwind this week has been!

(next up: stays, another set of panniers, & some sacque gowns!)

For now, behold the cute:

Nephew, stepdaughter, and niece all in a row with their enormous egg haul! I should have made my nephew something as well!


Stepdaughter with her favorite egg – it’s bright blue with blue sparkles on it – it’s a ‘robin egg’. (We were forbidden to eat it – even as far as lunchtime today!) I have to admit, my favorite part of this whole outfit is the crazy orange flower. It just makes me happy!


My niece used the butterfly net she got in her Easter basket to ‘catch’ eggs….more than one egg suffered a cracked shell from her attempts to move the egg from the net to her ‘gasket’.

For the most part, the older two were very patient with the little one, and let her get the ‘easy’ eggs. Towards the end, however, they figured out that the plastic eggs were full of money and candy, so they would shake each egg, and if it made a noise, put it in their basket…and if it did not, would call the little one over and point excitedly “Look, an egg!”


And one final picture, for not other reason that it is cute as all get out!