Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reminicing Roman-Style

ETA: Ok, ok.....not so short lived -- it's actually still extremely prevalent! ;)

A few years ago, a short-lived craze swept thru my close group of friends. (Sis, Holly and I) I miss it. Therefore, I'm gonna post some pics!

Holly with her blue Roman Outfit...check out that jewelry!!! (and hair. I love teh hair.)

And Melia in her stunning copper and red ensemble...I wish there were close-ups of her hair, it was SO CUTE!

And me in my orange sherbet confection....

Petticoats Starched....they have a life of their own!

I unfastened the waistband to let them fall to the floor so I could step out of them....and they stayed upright! I just had to post a picture, it's too funny! (And I've finished the waistband on both the corded and the flounced petticoats. Only the tucked petticoat waistband to go, and it's go-time for the *actual* dress! I'm so scared....)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cranford Dress (Petticoats Update)

Tonight is the night I starch the living heck outta my corded petticoat.....'cause I can has waistband!

I'm fairly pleased with the result of the yoked waistband. It *could* be a little flatter, but I think as I loose a smidge more weight, it will hang *perfectly*. (I hope)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cranford Dress

More chemise stuff......I put some little embroidered flowers on the front so I can easily identify front and back. (This picture did not show up very well.)

I finally decided to put the scallops on the sleeves as well. I'm likin' it! Next up, hem and wash.

I forgot to take pictures of the corded petticoat last's all done! I washed it yesterday, and the cords plumped up so nice! I can't wait to get the waistband on so I can starch it!

Blue Dress Updates (Second to Last one!!!)

The sleeves are done, the rings are attached....the dress is done! Last update will be after Quest, where I'll take some pictures of Holly in the dress and post them.

The sleeves are completely done! Yay!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue Dress Updates (So close I can *taste* it!!!)

Thankfully, Holly was down this weekend, so I was able to get the final fitting done and work out some of the sleeve weirdness.
(Obviously, she will be wearing a camacia and *both* sleeves for the *real thing*)

The ribbons turned out just fine sewing them underneath the guards. *phew!!!* I was so nervous about that!

Close-uppy of sleeve and skirt

And the buttons for the undersleeves

I am so glad the sleeves are almost done, they're turning mah fingers into hamburger too! I'm whipping the underpart of the armscye together, and then skipping over the pleated parts to get the sticky-uppy pleats in the portrait.

Accounting of what is to be done (Before Friday morning) --

-Finish sleeve caps
-Cut sleeve ribbons to length
-Attach sleeve rings
-Press over sleeve cuffs
-Iron dress

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blue Dress Update....(Continuing Guards)

The dress itself is 99.9% done! I just need to get it on Holly, tie, and and cut off the excess ribbon.

The guards are not as dark, and the ribbons are not as light as shown in the picture, I swear!