Friday, October 1, 2010

Uhm.....who was that??


Someone, somewhere, asked about rolled hems.  I don't think it was anyone on my friends list, but I was batting around the idea of writing up a tutorial for her (?) ....... but now I've forgotten where I saw the original questions, or if it was even on LJ.  Anyway, I was seriously going to do one over the weekend, but serendipitously stumbled across this fabulous tutorial.  (And it's true - the trick is the spit!  In fact, I seem to remember them being referred to as 'spit hem' somewhere.)

Anyway, a whole lot of preamble to point you to this lovely Rolled Hem Tutorial, and fabulous blog.

I'm always in awe of people that can put together a beautifully photographed blog/tutorial!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Smocking patterns - the decision (maybe)


Many thanks to those of you who weighed in - I was pretty much at the same place, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't off in left field!

To recap, the pattern is this:

To avoid any potentially uncomfortable situations, I will be replacing the not-actually-a-swastika with something else.  (A concession I'm totally OK with, but it grates me to no end that a perfectly fine (and ancient!) geometric pattern has been absconded with and made to have extremely negative connotations.)

Graphed out, the original looks like so:

I've come up with two alternate versions:


I'm kind of liking the second alternate.  What do you all think?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two new (to me) portraits of awesome....

Well, actually a fresco and a portrait, but still.  Awesome.



ARGH!  So, the Queen Mary gown I'm starting on........back in the day, I did a *ton* on internets research on it.  (Things happened, I got distracted by Italian, etc. etc.)

And now that I've come full circle, I can't find all the stuff I found the first time 'round.  (Namely detailed Janet Arnold-esque construction details.)


Anyway, I've been looking for some portrait comparisons in the same-ish date range that have similar attributes:

All three have the extra-long sleeves, and the two on the right have the right neckline.  I've not found anything that has the same type of chemise (or whatever it's called in this time and place), however.  Total bummer.

ETA:  Hold the phone!  it's the wrong 'style' of gown, but here's one that has a blackworked underdealio (smock/chemise/camacia-y thing.  Must find correct terminology so I don't continue to look like a total dweeb.)



I've read about color-shot fabrics in period, but here's the first evidence I've found of it in portraiture.........HOLY CRAP!  Does anyone else have any concrete visual examples?  Do share with the class!

Couple of things before bedtime!


I decided to break in the new machine by making a little 'something' for Precious (Who is now, btw, Princess.  To be more exact, Xena, Warrior Princess.  Yeah, everyone in this household has many, many names.)

I tested out the buttonhole function (AMAZING), the embroidery edit functions (I made all that embroidery from scratch!), and the decorative edging function (would work far better on something other than velvet!)

It's black velvet, embroidered with lavender, lined with purple fleece, and buttons with a snazzy satin button - all from my stash.  (Viva la stash!)

It looks a bit like a bib in the picture, but it's WAI cuter on Precious/Princess/Xena!  (It helps that she's an adorable gal!)  She was hanging out with Hubby in the Man Cave all snuggly-like, and she wasn't too thrilled to be woken up only to play dress-up, hence the nonplussed expression.  ;)

She'll be wearing her new duds to PetCo, PetSmart, and on walks and such (weather permitting).  Aint she adorabz?!
Long story short, I totally <3 my new machine. 

Like.......SO MUCH.  It was a huge purchase, but worth it in the end.  Totes.  I'm a super happy girl.  I just need to use it *all the time* to justify it.  *hint, hint*  ;)

Oh, also......Other Noelle.........I dug out my old Derby helmet and took pictures for ya!

Makes me want to dig out the skates too, before the weather gets too bad!  Hm - I wonder how PPX would do with me on skates?