Friday, May 7, 2010

Remember this little project?

I acutally worked on it a bit more! I finally got to the opposite corner......YAY!!!! I am now officially over 1/4 done.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kingdom Arts and Sciences Photos

Shamelessly stolen from facebook: Holly and I randomly standing in the middle of the room, fiddling with our (awesome) veils. :D

My display, hidden back in the really did look much more awesome than it appears in this pic. Populace choice, baby!!!

And here's some more piccies from Casamira.....

Receiving Populace Choice....

(as a side-note, I love the bust support that my kirtle gives - this shape is only 5 pieces of strategically placed boning in the kirtle)

Probably the best picture of my display. (I wish I had thought of some way to make it a bit more....dynamic. I didn't have enough 'stuff' to warrant multiple levels.) I was a little bummed that Bertha didn't work out as well as it fit on my body - she's much wider than I am and/or I squish on the sides more than she does, so the stays almost look like they're for a completely different person.

Here I am trying to hide the fact I had taken off my sleeves because I was dying of heat. I totally <3 this dress to itty bitty bits, but it is going to have to retire during the summer months, it's just too warm!

My overall scores were 44.5, 47, and 49 out of 50. Yay me! My documentation scores were all either 9 or 10, so that makes me happy. The documentation was what I was most worried about. The few suggestions I got on the documentation were actually things I had thought about, but decided to cut out at the last second, so I need to trust my gut. Another suggestion was to have three copies of the full documentation, which I can totally do for next time, but do the math....that's expensive! For one entry, it was $40. Add another copy, that'd be $60 total. Times that by 8 entries......that's $480 for documentation ALONE!

So, next year, when I go for champion, I will need to find a (much) less expensive way to present my documentation. I cannot justify spending that much money on printing and binding costs alone. (I think most likely I'll be printing out my documentation at home, and taking it to Kinko's to get it bound. Office Max copying and binding is a total ripoff.)

'Mastery of costuming' certificate:

Participation certificate:

Populace Choice scroll. (YAY!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini-Project = Done! M (Also some hair ramblings)

Hand lettered invitations to Quest for HRHs and landed Baronages = done. Need to figure out how to get these to Bianca asap.

Also, this portrait is full of win. But I need to find something that won't make me die of teh heat for summer wear.

I've been asked to teach a hair class at Uprising. Which would be SO fun to do, but I'm not 100% sure I'm going to be able to make it to Uprising, so I don't want to promise anything. Speaking of hair - I think I've been making a name for myself in the hair department - I usually can kiss goodbye to the first 1-2 hours (sometimes 3!) of any event getting people dressed and doing their hair. I really need to get a hair kit together. Not that I'm complaining - I *love* it! :D I wish I had taken pics of all the gals at KA&S - everyone looked SO cute. I think I finally nailed down how to keep veils on with straight pins (woot!!), as well as keeping the slipping-off-the-back-of-the-head turban from actually slipping off. It did actually start slipping off towards the end of the day, but next time, I think I can make it stay on even better.

This was the inspiration for Bianca's 'do....I totally was thinking of the one on the right, but hadn't seen the portrait in a while. I really think I pulled it off fantastically, if I do say so myself. Darn me for not taking pictures at the event!

ETA - here is a kind of sideways picture of Bianca's hairdo at KA&S to compare with the beturbaned lady above:

And this is what I had in mind for Holly's new 'do. I tried something different, and it turned out quite nice if I do say so myself. It looked like it stayed in pretty well,'d you like the new style?

My Laurel asks to borrow my pulled work caul pretty much every event. I should just give it to her.....I was on the verge, but then she asked me to teach her how to do pulled work, so she's starting on her own! (muahahaha....spreading the textile love)