Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Angry Bird(s)


I've been working off an on for months trying to get a workable Angry Bird.  This morning, Hubby had mentioned that there are now real plushie Angry Birds.  (which there wasn't when I went on my initial search for Angry Birds merch)  *OH NOES!*  My awesome plan of giving him a one-and-only Angry Bird is dashed to pieces!  I was on Mock II when I heard the news, so I dashed off to finish it up, even though originally it was not meant to be given.  (I wanted to tweak the beak and the bottom seams - they're a bit wonkly)

Anyway, so Hubs got an Angry Bird today.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Product Review - SCA Edition


I <3 my new shoes!

I love my new shoes so much, I just have to tell you all!  I have abnormally wide feet, so at first they were really hurt-y, and I was afraid I'd have to get an even bigger size to accommodate the ball of my foot - but I decided to suck it up and experiment......I put on my thickest pair of socks and shoved my feet in with a shoe horn.  I soaked my feet in a bathtub, and then wore them until they were (nearly) dry.  I wore the shoes with my normal stockings all day at Collegium and they were super, super comfy.

If you're in the market for new shoes, I'd very much suggest popping by and checking out bootsbybohemond.com.

(The stock shoes come in black)

The (almost) finished plum gown


I really need to learn how to pose properly.  I look awful in this picture, but at least you can see the dress!  I forgot my petticoat, so the skirts felt a bit limp, but it all turned out OK.  I think the kirtle skirt ended up too full overall, so that'll be something to note for next time.

(Ugh.  I really do look bad in this pic.  I felt so fantastic that day, and actually felt really pretty.  I'm kind of let down by the photographic evidence.)