Thursday, December 4, 2008

First chainstitch project

y crewel wools came in yesterday!! I can't believe how beautiful all the colors are! I felt like a kid opening a brand new pack of crayons. YUM!

I don't quite know what I'm going to do with it, but I'm pleased that it looks as good as it does!

Next up....trace out the coif pattern!!

Beginning of first needlework project...wish me luck!

Embroidery design half-way transferred

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sis' Projects

Since I'm so proud of Sis, I have to post what she worked on over the weekend! (I'll bug her until she posts her own dress diaries!)

Shes using Reconstructing History patterns for her project, and as I had suspected, the paniers are more angular, rather than the curvy lines found in the museum pattern. It is probably just a convenience thing, but at least I'm not the only one that is on that track.

Anyway, back to Sis. She's cut out the pieces, made casings and has attached the boning casing to the outer (side) pieces. It amazes me how very careful and methodical she is when she's pinning and cutting. I'm not nearly that patient and exact! She's going to be a GREAT seamstress...


Various trims...the gold is slated for the red velvet venetian.

Reddish quilted fabric for an 18th c. something. The green brocade has reddish bits that match the quilted, so I'll probably try to make an outfit that has both. Maybe.

Small remnant of undetermined project potential

On the left is a fine linen-cotton blend, and on the right is a rougher 100% cream linen. One can never have enough white linen kicking around!

Pale lavender/pink quilted fabric. Hmmm....I am thinking this might have to become the 18th c. hoodie I've been wanting to make forever!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Guess what I did this weekend?

Bodice, fully constructed and lined. Boning channels down the center front "V"

Skirt - grey wool flannel along the top edge to pad out pleats. The top edge is curved to follow the "V" in the bodice. On the right is the center front slit.

"V" pinking, and trim pinned.

Sleeve constructed, sleeve pouf attached at sleeve cap.

Trim pinned in place on the bodice, sleeves attached. The shoulder and around the neck will have one more row of trim above the one already in place.

Still to do:
-Sew rings down center front bodice
-Sew hook and eye at "V" point
-Cartridge pleat skirt
-Attach skirt to bodice
-Hem skirt

That will complete the gown itself, then I still need to make a shirt and a false front for the bodice. Not bad for a couple of days of work!

More dress updates

The skirt is about 85% hemmed, and the trim is 99% done.

The dress dummy is not proportioned the way a corseted body is, so it looks wrinkly and kinda funky, but it really does fit very well on a real body. Also, the skirt is not attached yet, it's hanging on by a couple of pins, so the skirt actually is level, it just looks funny on the dress dummy!

I am especially proud of the way the sleeves turned out!

The trim will (eventually) have crystals and pearls at the points and down the middle to flesh out the pattern. *PHEW!* A lot of sewing got done over the weekend, considering Holly and I ended up going shopping every single day while she was here!

I will be working on the false front and the shirt through the week, and hopefully will have them completed by next weekend. Holly took the dress home and she will be finishing off the hem and attaching the skirt. (hopefully!)

It was a nice weekend; both Holly and dragonfly_sidhe came over and we all puttered around in my sewing room for an evening. I am in total lust over dragonfly_sidhe's trim that she used on her shirt/ is SO MADE OF AWESOME AND PUPPIES!

One day I want to get the sewing arrangements more comfortable....I need a daybed or a comfy chair or two!