Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bum is mostly done

Minimal 'research', and embarassingly poor quality sewing, but it's done. I wasn't too worried about it, since I was half-way expecting this to be v1, but it gives such a good shape, I don't feel the need to make least until I get too embarassed of the poor sewing. ;)

Here's what I did:

I started with a big "U", and sewed four 'pockets', and stuffed each with a pillaged pillow -

After messing around with it for a while, I decided it needed a curve, so I chopped off the top and hemmed the opening -

Getting closer! I decided it needed a bit more of a dramatic curve around the waist, so I decided I'd do some pleats across the top -

I have achieved bum!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Itty Bitty Update

I barely got any sewing in over the weekend, and that which got done, I'm none to pleased about. (Uber-crabby mood is not condusive to sewing magic.) My sleeves, that only felt slightly constricting on Friday felt like death grips on Sunday, I messed up some stuff on the cut-away (but is fixable - the lining just shifted and made dumb puckers.) Intermittent fevers made fiddling, fitting, ironing and corsetting a touch-and-go operation.

The only other thing I got done is the beginnings of the false front thingy. I made a faux opening (just with a little flappy bit), and I'll be permanently sewing on some buttons to complete the effect. I used a thing fusible batting to give it a bit of body, and to camoflauge the ridges of my bodies.

I'm still not perfectly convinced that a seperate front is the way to go, and I've not gone so far down that road that I can't change my mind if I decide to do so.

Anyway, here's where I'm at, with some swaths of fabric pretending to be a petticoat:

(Huh - now I'm looking at this picture, it's looking a bit crooked....I hope that's just because I was in a rush and standing awkwardly to get the picture done. Ugh.)

Speaking of petticoats - there is no way I'm going to get away with only one - the silk is far too see-thru! So, here's the I flat-line the silk, or make a seperate petticoat? Hmmmmm.

Tonight, I am going to make some fabric buttons for the faux closure and see how I feel about it remaining a seperate piece. I may or may not move on to getting the bum worked out - I think that's next on the list so I can hem my gown and know where to go for length on the petticoat.

I almost forgot the bonus goggie!!! Momo helping me with my hand sewing....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update - Sleeve Edition (and more)

Because I wasn't very careful, My center fronts didn't match up. (I think it's a combination of my stays stretching out, doing my toile up in an extremely stretchy linen, not paying attention to the fraying allowances, and not giving myself extra 'fudge' room.)

So, without starting completely over (again) or making another, more slightly snug pair of bodies (which I actually need - this pair is so comfy, but the 'gals' keep sliding down!), I decided to do a zone front. I have no clue if it's accurate to have an en ferrou with a zone front, but I'm going to pretend that I'm making an older gown handed down to me to be more fashionable by creating a zone front. Or something.

Oh yeah, I also got the sleeves set in. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination (especially the little puckers at the back), but at this point, I'm starting to care less and less! (Many thanks to Mom who stopped by and helped me get them pinned in correctly! For once, I didn't set the arm too far back! Hurrah!) I tried super hard to get a couple of small pleats in the cap, but it just didn't work out that way. I've lost a bit of range-of-movement, but since I plan to only wear this for a few hours, I think I'll survive! ;)

Here's where I am right now:

I really like the long sleeves (thank you, sarahbellem for the suggestion!), especially from the front! (Excuse the hair, it's a bit....wild - as usual)

Now to decide the plastron-y piece (whatever that bit is called?!) I think I want to do buttons, but do I make them functional, and set the piece into the bodice, or have a seperate, pinned in piece? Hmmm. Hopefully I have a brainstorm before tomorrow morning, since I think that's next on the docket.

Ok, still to do:
-bodice front (and sundry figuring-outed-ness)
-hat (I found just a bit of the gold silk I used in the vic - I'm thinking some of it will have to cover my hat. Also need to figure out hat styles!)

-repair mules (I have a pair that I think will work smashingly - just need to repair the heel)
-find white or cream stockings (I have about a gazillion pair, but never two of the same at one time! Aaargh!)
-figure out hair situation

On a side-note, this dress is feeling decidedly non-summery, what with the color palatte and long sleeves, but meh. (I just realized this just now, shows you how aware I am.....sigh.