Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh be still my heart!!!


It's a Brunswick.............WITH FUR.

Do you hear me?!  An 18th C hoodie trimmed in FUR!!!


Must have.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Picture update from yesterdays post - plus moar


Yep, here it is!  PPOD is coming together!  :)

On a slightly related note, I've been messing around with my machine embroidery software and eating up the classes I've been taking, and have 6 embroidery pattern slips to be stitched in cross stitch.  (Actually 5 right now.  The 6th is giving me fits for some reason, and I'm about to tear my hair out)  I think I'm going to make myself some pillows or something. 

I would never have the time to embroider the slips by hand, so I'm going to try it out, see what it looks like, and if it's anywhere near 'passable', I'll apply the slips to a velvet ground and make pillows somewhat similar to the one found at Hardwick Hall:

I'm hoping to get around to stitching out an example of each design this week.  I found the original designs here.

Also related to the embroidery software goodness.......I found out the other day that I can MAKE MY OWN LACE.  *dies*  Hah!  The end product is no different than the lace one would buy at JoAnns, BUT, it can be customized to be ANYTHING.  :D  I have fantasies of drawing out lace from portraits and getting my machine to do all the 'dirty work'.  I haven't experimented with the lace yet, but I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Here are some pics of the jewelry that Hollyness made for me......I am so full of squee it's not even funny!  Now I HAVE to finish that god-forsaken dress!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Since I promised positive stuff......


......I won't talk about how my morning was conspiring against me.  (Seems to happen that forces oneself to be in a good mood, and the Universe makes sure that every negative eventuality rears its ugly little head.)

BUT.  I will talk about some awesomesauce stuff for a while.  :D  (Whoa, I started the list, and didn't realize how much awesome there is....I'm in a better mood already!)

1.  I got to see a ton of people I haven't seen in a Very Long Time.  This was awesome, and I wish I didn't have so much going on so I could spend more quality time.  (I did feel like I was ignoring some of my favorite if you felt that way, I do apologize, I love and miss you!)

2.  BABIES!  All the babies that have been welcomed to the world in the last few weeks/months showed up to the event.  I cannot BELIEVE how cute they all were!  There is going to be a serious bumper crop of children ....... Arrow's Flight, watch out!  :D

3.  Maple Leaf!  Astrid!  HOORAY!!!!  I am so happy that one of my (many) favorite people got an awesome award.  I am very grateful that I was able to assist in the creation of the scroll.  I did the calligraphy, while my wonderful, talented (so talented it makes you sick!) Mistress did the illuminations.  I'll have to track down a better picture of the finished scroll, because this blurry pic doesn't anywhere near do it justice, but I'm so excited about it, I just can't keep it in!  :D

(Inspiration illumination, and our finished piece.)

4. I was feeling nostalgic, and I decided that instead of searching for a new inspiration for the scroll blank, I'd go back and re-use some art I had used for some of the very first scrolls I did, evah.  Once again, a terrible pic, but you get the idea, right?  :)  It ended up that I was doing all the whitework and lining late, late at night, so my hand was shaky and not very reliable, but hey, it got done.

5.  On Sunday, I worked on the PPOD.  (Seriously, I did!!)  I finished off the snail at the top, and have nearly finished the stem and leaves for the second-to-last slip.  I am so hardcore excited.  It WILL be done, and fairly soon, to boot!  :D  (I was planning to, but didn't have time to pop by Needlepoint Joint, as it is mere yards away from the 12th Night site to pick up some more silk so I can finish the background.  Yeah, didn't get around to that.  Boo.)  Hopefully I'll have the presence of mind to snap a pic or two so I can share the progress.
6a.  Holly brought down  the jewelry I commissioned for the green dress that is yet-to-be.  I can't tell you how excited I am, especially about the necklace, and the bob at the end of the belt.  Holy cow, it's so beautiful!  Once again, no pics.

6b.  Holly made me the most wonderful zib in the WORLD for happy ChrisMaBirthday.  He is the cutest thing, EVAH.  I love him so much!  Again, no pics, but will do so soon.  I need to figure out a suitably Italian name for him.  He is a very cheeky zib.  ;)

7.  I get to visit my sis in CA on the 21st.  HOORAY!!!!!!!  I cannot wait, this will be epic and all things awesome and wonderful.  We'll be going to see the "Fashioning Fashion" exhibit at the LACMA.  I am so giddy!