Thursday, December 3, 2009


TA: Motion passes - White sleeves it is! (I know, I know, I'm skipping the next Roberts step, but who wants to vote, anyways?!)

Ok, back in the day when I was first wiffling about this project, I was kind of smitten by the white sleeves a la:

I was originally forcing myself to use *only* what is in my stash, but it just so happens that last week I added to my stash a whole lotta white silk taffeta ($3/yd!!!). I had forgotten about the original idea of white sleeves since I changed focus to my specific inspiration portrait:

So, here's the my friend Sofonisba wearing white sleeves? *Could* she be wearing white sleeves? If I do sleeves of white silk, I'll probably do tiny slashes and decorative braid.....if I do sleeves of black velvet, I'll probably do paned sleeves, even though I'm not seeing a whole lot of examples. How much am I allowed creative licence??

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shoulder Treatments?

After hours of messing around with strips of velvet, I *may* have come up with a plan. These pictures are terrible, and don't really show the detail, but *meh*.

(One day I'll get a new point-n-shoot!!!)
On Bertha

Laid out flat

Yeah, that doesn't tell you much about lumpy snake! Maybe some MS Paint, perhaps?

I'm pretty sure I like this weaving pattern, but now I'm stuck with what else to do with it! The corners of the open squares need to be tacked, whether decoratively or otherwise for everything to keep its shape.

Option 1 - tack braided trim along edge/parallel to edge, put buttons at each tacked corner of open square

Option 2 - tack corners of open square, attach buttons in the middle of the strap. May or may not add trim....


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Distracted Seamstress Is Distracted

I've been extremely undecided about what I should do next, so last night I stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up wooden beads to make buttons. I also found some fabulous fleur de lys fabric!
(The first one is an embroidered mauve, the second is an embroidered black with gold fleurs)

When I got home, I still hadn't decided what I should do next, so I completely derailed an made a teeny reticule - just big enough to hold my cell phone.

And now I'm sitting here posting to LJ instead of working on my gown. Gah! I need some direction!

Monday, November 30, 2009






(pic will take you to Amazon)

It's normally $120, is on sale for $78, and there are some other options linked from Amazon that are $58. I wish it were a smidge more portable, since I would much rather be reading than working at the moment, but it is a massive book!

I have to keep reminding myself to not break out the Faber-Castels and start coloring like mad! ;)

I've found so many nuggets of awesome in this book, it's amazing....I'll be posting bits and pieces in the days to come. Seriously, some cool stuff! (well, at least to me!)

Sewing Progress

Hollyness came down to spend the weekend, and much fun was had. I feel really bad that we never got around to her project - I had thought I would be a lot further along on my stuff. But I think I have her convinced to make the trek next weekend as well, so it works out good 'fer me! (Sry, Hollyness!)

The Strid has been working on a venetian gown for *mumblety* months, and it's finally coming together! All she has left is sleeves and the guards on the skirt! She looks so cute in it, too!

dragonfly_sidhe is working on a new gold venetian gown, and boy howdy -- she is lookin' HAWT! Srsly. I am so excited to see her all done up, she's going to look so stunning. She's 90% done with the bodice, and then she has the skirt and sleeves to go, both of which will go super duper fast.

I finally got the bodice lined and I've worked out my issues with the collar. (yay!)

Most of yesterday was full of cutting and ironing (and ironing and ironing and ironing) then pinning (and pinning and pinning.....) then finally pleating and attaching to the bodice. My poor fingertips are throbbing today! (Terrible, terrible pictures, but you kinda get the idea?

The skirt is three layers; outer velvet fashion fabric, flannel interlining that goes to just below my knees, and silk lining to keep everything from sticking. It's all sandwiched together, sewn, then flipped over, pressed, and then cartrige pleated. Doesn't make sense? Um, picture time!

1. Cut silk and velvet in panels, sew together to create skirt. Sew vertical seam between lining and velvet. (I would do this differently next time - I had the seam right on the edge, I would move the velvet in to make a velvet placket if I ever did this again - read, cut the velvet about 6" longer and leave the silk the same width) I also hemmed the silk prior to sewing the vertical seam.
2. Line up the flannel and pin the holy crap out of the top. (It's kind of sad that almost four hours of my life can be summed up in one sentance...) Draw with chalk the cut line for the bodice point.
3. CAREFULLY unfold and re-pin. Sew along the cut line and trim.
4. Flip right-side out, and press, press, press! mark cartridge pleating lines and run gathering threads
5. Gather and tack to bodice
6. Put fingertips on ice.

I'm trying to decide what to do for the underdress, opinions?

Left to do on the dress:
-shoulder treatments

I also have to:
-figure out what *type* of kirtle to wear underneath
-make said kirtle
-figure out the standing collar partlet
-make said partlet
-buttons for camacia cuffs
-figure out wiring the veil
-get Holly's partlet done

Thanksgiving Feast!

I normally snap all kinds of pictures of the preparation and final spread, but I was really distracted this Thanksgiving!

I made an enormous amount of dressing....(this is actually a picture of the crumbs right after coming out of the oven, though!)

And a ton of pies (as per usual) 2x pecan, apple and cran-apple pies. I didn't end up making the traditional cheesecake, though. Kinda sad 'bout that. The apple pies turned out beautifully, I wish I had remembered to take a picture!

And probably the biggest turkey I've ever cooked. 22.5 lbs! But it was also the most delicious turkey ever, if I do say so myself. :)

For scale, that is hubby's daughter - and that's not an optical illusion, the turkey really is that big! :D
I did make the traditional turkey noodle soup, and it turned out quite nummy.