Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Embroidery Project Update (sort of)

I think I'm going to start posting each set of flowers as they finish. Some flowers only have one or two sets, some a ton, so I will post when I've finished an entire set. I need to catch up on some, though! (Don't worry, the set I'm working on right now (carnations) actually has6 7 of them, so it will be a while before I post those! The damage so far......(close ups of what I posted earlier)

I did the daffodils first because there were only two of them! I think they're super cute!
(2 daffodills)

The pea-pods came next, because their uber-cuteness was calling to me. I did chain stitch everywhere but the peas themselves...those I did in satin stitch, because they're soooo tineh!
(4 sets of two pea pods)

Next up were the gilly flowers (or what I *think* are gilly flowers!) I love these little guys too...they're cute! The pointy yellow bits are satin stitch, the rest is chain.
(2 gilly flowers)

I finished the two orange-y red flowers last night. Not sure what these guys are supposed to be, since there are other flowers that I'm sure are tudor roses, so what are these dudes? Anyway, mostly chain stitch, with the pointy bits satin stitch.
(2 orange flowers)

Next up, carnations! I just recounted, and there are acutally 7 of these! I think I'm going to do half in blue, and half in yellow. Mebbe. I have to see how the color palette is looking after I finish the matching set of blues.

I'm still being a wuss about the plaited braid stitch. It's stressin' me out, man!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thrifty McThrifty!

Business cards make awesome thread winders! I bought three of them (nice ones, that is) at the event last weekend, and while they are beautiful and wooden and everything, I can't buy 65 of them. So.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Enormous Beth-a-Val Laurelling Post

During morning court, TRM Timmur and Tianna put Bethany on vigil.

Bethany's husband, Vilhelm (Robert) had a unique view of the proceedings, as he is herald for TRM.

Bethany's wonderful laurel, Duchess Caryn escorted Bethany to the vigil room. During the entirety of Bethany's vigil, Caryn manned (womanned?) the guest book. There were many munchies and delicious snacks set out. The vigil room was lush with beautiful pillows and rugs, and it was a very wonderful experience.

I frantically got Bethany ready in time for evening court. Doesn't she just look BEAUTIFUL?!?!

Bethany returns the green Apprentices belt to her Laurel....

And Caryn receives the belt with gracious words....

Baron Thorvald reads words from Sir Tryggvar (Jeff-ay)....

Words are read for Royal Peers....

The amazing Dame Thea(dora) says very inspiring things about Bethany....

Jaquellinne had me crying with her kind words which rang so true, Bethany is so very generous and kind...

Duchess Caryn stands up for her Apprentice, and says very kind and beautiful things...

Bethany is given not one, not two, but THREE Laurel medallions. They are passed around and 'blessed' by the Laurels of the Kingdom...

Bethany swears her oath to the Kingdom, and TRMs swear in return....

And here is our newest Laurel!!!!!

I am so very thankful that I was able to finish her dress in the short time allotted. I wish I had more time, but it turned out OK, I think! The hat was the last to be completed, and it is pretty cute. Of course the wonderful and talented Holly made all the jewelry and belt.

12th Night

Holy blast from the past, Batman! I made this dress for Tianna back when we did "Twelfth Night" for 12th Night. She played Olivia, and I played Viola. It was so much fun, I really wish there was a recording of it, we worked so hard! I don't even know if there were pictures taken. :(

Full length views

Details of the dress. The dress itself didn't take *that* long to make since we already had all of the understuff made, and I've made this type of dress multiple times for her before. I am still extremely pleased with the sleeves. From the poofs to the slashes, I think the sleeves turned out very nicely. We still need pearls on the sleeves, and Holly borrowed one of my shirts, because I didn't have time to finish a new one for her, but here it is! She looked fabulous!

    Got some stuff done....all pea pods, daffodills, and gilly flowers are done. I've started on an an orange portion, which I am going to call 'round flowers' because I have no idea what they are. The next flowers will be either red or blue, I have not decided which ones they will be. I'm still worried about the scroll-y vines.

    Do I do them out of yellow or gold? Do I continue to beat myself to death with the bleepin' plaited braid stitch, or do I do laid gold, or something else entirely?? I don't want to do something completely lame, because I'm putting an enormous amount of time into this, and I don't want to mess it up too much, but I really don't know if I can teach myself plaited braid. Aaaah, the dilemma!!!

    At least I have quite a while before I get to the point that I actually have to worry about the gold scroll work.