Friday, January 9, 2009

3 hours, two outfits!

Sis decided this afternoon that she would try to convince her husband that the whole family should go to 12th Night. Only problem is, the two older boys needed outfits. Michael and and Aislinn can use things that the older boys have grown out of. Between the two of us, we cranked out two tunics and two pants. w00t!!

The best part is, Sis is figuring out the wonderful world of 'the stash'....everything came out of fabric she already had. So,!!

Bowen's tunic and pants....

Shaun's tunic and pants....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Garb for Husband....

A tunic is finished for him to wear this weekend. Not my finest costuming hour, but it's done, and wearable. :(

(No, it's not parti-colour, it's just the shadow from the window.)

Does anyone have any pointers or starting places for 1200's Hospitallers? (I guess that's what Husband wants to do.) I'm lost. I bought some Osprey "Warrior" books for him a while back, but there is pretty much nothing on clothing. :(

Sis' garb for 12th Night...

Yay! I made a Tudor(esque) dress for Sis about three years ago, and she brought it over last night to test out what we need to do to make it work, and guess what?! It fits!! Yay! I was having nightmares about pulling the skirt on and extending the bodice and lalalala, but I think it will work as-is. We went shopping last night and got some silver lace to put on her smock that we made last year. (Which I don't think has ever been worn!) She will have a pretty, pretty dress!!! :D

We steamed it last night (and called my mom to tell her I used her xmas prezzie!), and it also needs a good rollering. I finished hemming it a few minutes ago, and have started on finishing up the lace on the smock.

Yay! Sis' Tudor still fits!!! :D

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Test Lizzie Coif/Jacket complete!!

ay! I have a new outfit for 12th Night. I cut corners on some construction stuff, and I don't technically have all the pieces I should (like a new shift), but it will work. The fabric is a bit too thick to be optimal for this piece, but I think it turned out OK in the end. I am not wearing my all-purpose shift and my shoes and stockings, and the coif, all of which I will be wearing on the day. I really hate being so short. Bah!

I think at some point I want to make a new kirtle to wear with the jacket, I'm suprised at how much I love it! :D

Front (Picture me wearing the tester lizzie coif with my hair all done...)

Side view (You can see where I should have taken a dart out of the bodice. (d'oh!)

Back view...

Close-ups of gold lace and cord...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pseudo-Dress Diary

Thanks to hollyiggymom, I am now nearly done with the Lizzie jacket that is to go with the tester coif. I didn't take many pictures of the construction of it, but here is the mock-up

(This is take 2 of 3, the next version fixed the puckering seen down the center back)

I made the jacket out of some mystery fabric I've had around about....forever. I purchased gold silk for the lining, and gold cord and lace for the trim....

(All the seams are outlined in gold cord....Gold lace on the right....I'm not exactly positive where it's going, but I want it! This is also the same lace I've been stressing about for the 'real' coif. I'm so glad I found some!!)

(All the gores are outlined in gold cord.....two are on the seams, which make it nice and easy, the back and the front are inset gores *die* I am so not good at inset gores!!)

I am planning on making a red silk skirt to go with the whole outfit. The skirt is cut out and seams assembled. All I need to do is the hem and the waistband.

Hopefully I can finish all this stuff in time to work on an outfit for Husband. The plan right now is for a basic tunic. I may or may not try to get a hood done as well.