Saturday, November 10, 2012

The (Short) Tale of the Last Minute Pansy

This is by far the most theatrical thing I've made in a very, very long time, but heck it sure was fun!  I really wish I had occasion to make more pansy hats, as I have some ideas on how to improve the method.

Basically, what I did was this:  (And by "I", I mean, directed Melia and Holly on what to cut out, while I sewed button holes and sniffled through a head cold)

Cut 2 large petal shapes of one shade of purple
Cut 1 large petal shape of another shade of purple
Cut 2 small petal shapes of yet another shade of purple

The pieces look like this:

 The pieces, when assembled, should look somewhat like this:

I zig-zagged down the center, attaching all the pieces, like so:
I put some hot glue in the center and shaped the flower.  After that dried, I put a drop of hot glue in the center of the yellow circle, and squished it all together, and then glued that in the middle of the flower.

A couple of things I would do differently if I ever have the occasion to do felt pansies again: 
-Take the time to stitch the petal shaping, rather than using hot glue (hot glue works, but it's messy, and not quite as exact as I would like)
-Make the yellow center just a teeny touch bigger
-Potentially do more shading on the petals, either with embroidery, markers, or layers of different colored felt layered.

To make the hat, I glued each flower facing outwards on the outer edge of a fascinator blank, making kind of a 'top hat' shape out of the natural shape of the flowers.  I stuffed some green green netting in some empty spaces, and filled in the center of the fascinator with some more of the flowers.  As a last-second addition, I threw some green tulle as a veil at the back.  (Which totally makes the whole thing, IMHO!)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Melia's Red Queen Gown

This is a really quick post, as the construction is pretty much all old news at this point!  :)

I haven't been posting update pictures of Melia's gown - all we have left is the buttons, and potentially some neckline options!

Here's the basic gown:

And the gown, with the over skirt (which actually, still needs permanent bustling, come to think of it!)

 I need to speak to Melia about it, but here are a couple of neckline trimming options:  (I'm leaning towards the lace)

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Cunning Hat Indeed!

My brother received his hat this past weekend, and as payment, sent me a picture of himself wearing it.....

It kind of makes me giggle with excitement - I think this is the best version yet!  (Although the ear flapadoodles are way, way curly....I think (hopefully!) they'll relax over time with some tugging and whatnot!

I've made massive progress on the Alice in Wonderland Tea gown for Melia, but I need to get around to photographing what I've done!  Less than a week away, and as a super-bonus, Jannean is coming out to visit that weekend and attend the tea as well!