Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh, I've been a bad, bad girl....

I went to our local embroidery shop on a search for some titles that some people online are looking for, and I ended up getting a bunch of titles for me! I am SO excited for these books, they are SO AWESOME!!!!

"Tudor Treasures to Emboider" Pamela Warner
This book is actually kind of cheesy, but there are pictures of some extant garments I've not seen before. There is also some good basic stitch information.

"Smocking and Fine Sewing 19th c. Sources" Jules & Kaethe Kliot
Waaaaay OOP, but it has some good basic handsewing techniques, and I need to get better at handsewing! There is also some info that I am going to put to use in a camacia. I am SO EXCITED for this, I am no longer afeared of hand sewing a smock. YAY!

"Variety" Book No. 4 - a sewing manual from 1924. (Cool, eh?!)
Lots of information on whitework, Italian linen embroidery (oop, but cool!), pulled work, and Assisi stitches.


"The Art of Elizabethan Emboidery: Stitches and Variations Used in Colored Silk and Metal Thread Embroidery - England, 1558-1625" Jane D. Zimmerman
*whew* Ok, but seriously, this book is really awesome. I wish I had this book about six months ago! It goes into detail about all the stitches, where they are used, in what types of threads, etc. There is also an interesting theory on plaited braid stitch and it's counterpart which I am going to have to see if I can work out. The long and short of it is, if anyone is wanting to know more about Elizabethan embroidery, BUY THIS BOOK!!!

*happy happy dance*

On a slightly sadder note, my gold passing thread showed up today. I'm not exactly's more bronze than gold, and the diameter is about 1/4 or less than the size of what I was hoping it would be. Anyone want to buy broze-y gold passing thread? (About 38 yds) I am not quite sure what I'll ever use it for. Bah.

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