Friday, February 20, 2009

Analysis of Holly's Dress

Ok, this is for you, Holly!

I used the same method as my picture. There was a lot more on this portrait to measure, though! I had Holly measure her lip/chin ratio. The picture I found of holly was a lot darker, and so I removed her picture after lining everything up....

And the results -- (Roughly)

Width of bodice panel, 8 3/4"
Width of gap in bodice, 3 1/2"
Width of guards on bodice, 1 1/2"
Width of ruffle on camacia, 1 1/4"
Width of band on camacia, 3/4"
Width of ruffle on under sleeve, 1 3/4"
Width of cuff on under sleeve, 4 1/4"

The only measurement I can't get that I really want on this portrait is the length of the bodice! This is one of the important measurements, but I can eyeball that when we mock up a toile.

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