Monday, April 6, 2009

Pie Crust Hat.....Has Happened!!!

I've been on a weird early-period hat thing lately. And most recently, I've been craving a pie-crust hat.

Here's the final product --

I forgot to take pictures at the very beginning of the pie crust adventure, so here's the lowdown.....I cut a piece of canvas big enough to go around my noggin, plus 1". Then kinda eyeballed how high I wanted it and added 1/2".

Then I cut a piece of linen as long and 2x as wide, plus 1".

I tacked the linen to the canvas along one long edge, and sewed the short sides together. Then, I eyeballed a doughnut of cotton taffeta (that stuff is teh bomb, I'll be sad when it's gone, I use it for *everything*) and pinned and sewed the inside of the doughnut to the sewn linen/canvas tube. Like-a-so --

(On the left is the doughnut, in the middle is the canvas, and on the right is the linen lining. The lining will be flipped over and cover the seam later on....)

Then I quickly tacked down the seam allowance that includes the canvas, linen, and doughnut.

Then I turned over the excess linen to enclose all the seams. (I have a sort of allergic reaction to unfinished seams and ugly hems.)

(The doughnut is on the right, the canvas is now completely enclosed in the linen lining)

After a thorough pressing, I quickly tacked down the lining. As this was on the inside, I didn't need to worry too much about what the stitches looked like.

The entire inside structure of the hat is finished. The 'collar' looking thing is what is going to be pleated and tacked to the top edge to get the 'ruffly' look. I was originally going to do a rolled hem, but then as I was messing around with the fabric, I realized the cotton is so tightly woven that I could cut it, turn it, and leave it. (Remember that whole allergy thing? I'm really trying to get over it. Really.)

I started pinning at the quarters, and then messed around from there. I ended up doing quarters, eighths, and 1/3 of each of the eighths. Whatever that leaves me with.

(This was a test for wider ruffles. I ended up having 6 in the quarter rather than the 4 shown.)

And here is a comparison between the wider and the shorter ruffles. I ended up going with the ones below.

Tack down at each of the pins, and voila, you have a pie crust hat (Or maybe a 'goffered barbette'? Is that a real term?)

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