Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yet even *more* costuming A.D.D.

I have a weird urge to actually *use* my 1840's and 1890's corsets. And in that vein, I have been lusting after this dress....

I won't be working on this until all of the planned Italians get done. (I swear!) And I also need to bug Sis and find out exactly what she wants to do...she has a beautiful start to a fantastic 18th century gown, and we have some doublets/men's stuff to do as well. But anyway, yah.

I'm blowing a bunch of costuming smoke right now, since it's all "I want to do this" and not actually completing (let alone starting) something!)

I am SO glad Hollyness is coming down this weekend.....I need to kick mah butt in gear! Once I get rolling on projects, it usually tends to play out until everything is done.....I just am having a really hard time getting started on anything!

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