Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue Dress Updates (So close I can *taste* it!!!)

Thankfully, Holly was down this weekend, so I was able to get the final fitting done and work out some of the sleeve weirdness.
(Obviously, she will be wearing a camacia and *both* sleeves for the *real thing*)

The ribbons turned out just fine sewing them underneath the guards. *phew!!!* I was so nervous about that!

Close-uppy of sleeve and skirt

And the buttons for the undersleeves

I am so glad the sleeves are almost done, they're turning mah fingers into hamburger too! I'm whipping the underpart of the armscye together, and then skipping over the pleated parts to get the sticky-uppy pleats in the portrait.

Accounting of what is to be done (Before Friday morning) --

-Finish sleeve caps
-Cut sleeve ribbons to length
-Attach sleeve rings
-Press over sleeve cuffs
-Iron dress

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