Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cranford Dress & Melia's Brueghel-y/Flemmish

Sis was able to come over tonight and work on her Brueghel dress that has been in the planning stages for....months. We got the draping and patterning all worked out, so the next thing to do is get all the pieces cut and start on the sewing frenzy.

I plugged away a bit on the Cranford dress, I got quite a bit done, even through it doesn't really look like it, because there is *so* much handsewing and gathering involved.

Bad news is I broke one of my gathering threads, so I'll probably have to re-do the entire bottom. Poo. But at least I'll know what I'm doing a bit better this time.

There is a couple of things that I fudged in the construction, mostly because I mis-read the instructions, but I think it will still turn out OK.

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