Sunday, June 28, 2009

Even More Red Velvet Dress

I spent the entire weekend on the couch, alternating between working and handsewing. Both were quite productive.

I got all the hooks sewn on, the lining tacked down, and the thread bars worked. (Picture on the left is the hooks sewn in with the lining tacked, middle is the bars...light flecks at the edge, with the lining not tacked in yet, right is the outside of the bodice, with the hooks all done up)

Here's the inside of the bodice with the piping tacked down at the neckline, and the hooks and bars finished....

This picture is pretty lame, my camera was not focusing well. Anyway, this is the inside of the piping at the neckline....

And the outside of the neckline.

And here's me wearing the bodice, before the piping was finished. (Ignore my giant arms. ugh) there's a slight issue with gaposis at the back apparantly. I couldn't see it in the mirror! (I may be tacking a little flap of velvet to the hook side to give just a smidge more coverage in the back.

I conned Holly into braving all the pins so I could futz around with the neckline. I think it will probably turn out OK in the end, but it is going to require a lot of futzing and a log of tacking and steaming to get it to set the way I want it. After watching the Xmas Dr. Who on BBC last night, I think that there is a more-different-other better way to get the look of the portrait neckline, but this will work as well.

And now I'm wanting to make the Dr. Who dress too!!!! (I even have the *perfect* gold silk too! Dang, I need more venues to wear these gowns to!!!!

Here's the Doctor Who dress I was referring to earlier...i'm totally in love with it.......and not just because it's red!! The detailing on the bodice and neckline is amazing. (This picture isn't the best, but it's the only one I could find on the net!

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