Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend Sewing not-so Frenzy

I had originally planned on working on my stays and drafting up a bustle pattern. Seeing as it is now 3pm on Sunday, I'm not so sure how the whole plan will work out. Yesterday, my sis came over in the morning, then I went to the movies with mah hubby, then we ended up working in the yard for the rest of the afternoon. With going to bed early, I got next to no sewing done yesterday.

I did, however, get to finish the other front piece of my effigy corset!

Today, I got the back piece cut out and the lines all drafted out. After posting, I'll start on sewing the lines. *blah* I am really excited to see this project to completion, but my fingers are turning to hamburger.

Ok, on to the pics!

Starting to look more corset-y, no? :)

Lines, lines, lines!

I really am quite excited to start getting all the boning in, but I'm making myself finish *all* the casings first.

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