Friday, August 21, 2009

Sewing Room Metamorphosis

I've been a bit quiet lately...mostly because I've been working on getting the house back in a decent state. Much work has been done on the yard, and I've been re-doing my sewing room so I can contain all the crafting stuff that has been taking over The. Entire. House.

The star attraction is....


It's 85% complete now!

The sides and top all need to get screwed together and the pressing top added, but it's taking shape! I still need to find someone with a vehicle large enough to haul a piece of plywood for the pressing board top, and I'll be set!

I still have a mountain of organization to do, but with the extra storage, I think I'll be doing quite well!

Here's the schematics for the table:
The yellow bit is the overhanging felt/canvas covered mdf for the pressing board surface. It wil be the exact size of my cutting board, so I can use it either as a cutting board or a pressing board easily.
The red squares are the cabinet shelves. There's a recessed area on either side (The green bits) that will have stools.
Oh I can't WAIT! :D

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