Friday, September 25, 2009

Okay, Ladies. I need your opinions!

I am determined to have a new dress by Solstice and/or 12th Night. Here are the portraits that are currently inspiring me.....any opinions?

1. I just luuuuuurve the ruff. And the hair. And the little cap....even though this is far too ambitious for my time frame, I'd love to do it someday. Just not for this particular event, methinks!

2. I love the ruff, and the fabric on this one! (stash raid potential here!)

3. Mmmmmm....ruffles! Another stash raid potential!

4. I love, love LOVE the ruff on this one! The outfit on the whole is fairly plain, but I like 'em that way! And look at those buttons, aren't they NEAT?

5. I love the sheer partlet/ruff with the gold....delish! (And I even have the perfect silk organdy for this in mah stash...)

6. Super stash-raid potential here! And her skirt is lined with gold....yum!

7. Another one with awesome ruffles, and super stash-raid potential!

8. I've been lusting after this portrait for a very long time, and I'm not even really sure why! Yet another extremely understated gown, with stash raid potential

9. Teeneh tineh picture! but very cute, from what I can tell. Stash raid potential!

10. A group of other dresses I'm really liking, but may not work for my purposes

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