Monday, October 19, 2009

The state of things...

I was SO worried that I had made the waist too small, but it actually turned out that the waist is a smidge too big, and the bust a smidge too tight! Nothing that I can't change with creative corset lacing, (besides, I'm making a new corset for this outfit, and the 'girls' can stand to be a mite more contained than they are in this corset)

The sleeves. *sigh* the sleeves! After all my careful pinning and marking, I still set the gathers too far forward!!! Argh! Sleeves! Why do you vex me so?! I'm not sure it's bad enough to go through the hassle of re-setting them, especially since I didn't find out until after I had clipped the allowances, but it will bug me.

Oh, I just noticed something....JUST NOW! My corset busk has always had the tendancy to to this wonky "/" thing..where the top pulls to the right, and the bottom pulls to the left. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the heck was going on! But seeing pictures without massive skirts in the way completely put the situation in a new light! I think I must have at some point put in one of my panels upside down or something....notice how in the second picture, my hips are wider on the left than on the right?

Oooh, I wonder! Hm. If the next corset doesn't do the same wonky pulling thing, I'll know my answer! :)

So, left to do:
-tack sleeve lining at cuff
-set bum pleats
-add inner standing collar
-tack ruffles down the front
-add bias ribbon between ruffles
-buttons/button holes
-random tidying of threads and handstitching

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