Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whoa. Big Updates Ahead!

In sewing news:

1. Finished sohewasalls corset (actually weeks ago, but I just got around to posting it today)

2. Finished my stays. No seriously...they're done! I'll post more pictures after A&S this weekend. Documentation is written up, I just need to pop over to Kinko's and get it printed up. YAY!

In other crafty news:

1. I helped The Strid with her "Confession of Love" - a crafty little book that was filled with goofy victorian things and an abundance of tentacles. It turned out awesome (but I need to get her permission to post it...) I made this silhouette portrait for her to include with the book. (I totally want to do silhouettes of everyone I know now - it was so much fun!)

2. Garden. Omg. So much digging! The only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that I will NEVER have to do this again. EVER. The soil at my house is so full of sand and clay, we decided to forego trying to condition the soil to a useable point and just dig out the top 6" and replace it with good top soil. (This is the second decision of bad idea-ness....the first one was to decide that I wanted epic amounts of flowerbeds. Oh well....it will be wonderful when it's all done. Right?)

This is one side of the driveway, across the front of the house, and down to the left corner of the house:

That is some sexy, sexy dirt! Check out the difference between our soil, and the 'imported'!

In weird news:

1. My little brother and his wife sent Momo a sign that says "DEATH FROM THE ANKLES DOWN". How true......just check out how scary Mo is in this picture!!

2. Very professional trailer. Can you read the column on the right? Here's what it says:
Specializing in:

3. This guy is even better than the unlocked-with-an-iBook-on-the-front-seat:

4. I've seen this guy on a few different occasions now - commuting on a unicycle!!! How cool is that?!

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