Sunday, July 11, 2010


So, I trundle down stairs to nom on some breakfast and finish up the last bits of handsewing on my striped silk gown. I glance over at the coffee table. "Hm. That looks......odd." I go over, and pick up a corner of my gown.

Demitri had knocked over a HUGE mug of Thai Iced Tea (you know, the obcenely orange sticky stuff??), and my gown had soaked up most of it. (No, there is no saving it. Really, there's not.). What wasn't soaked up by my gown, was soaked up by Fashion in Detail.


p.s. I know I can't blame it on him, I mean, he's a dog. He didn't do it maliciously. It's my fault for forgetting about the tea, and leaving my books and gown out in the living room. But still, I'm angry at my loss. I'm really, really bummed that all that hand sewing is gone! A bit later I'll go check if I have enough left over for a new gown, and I'll see if I have enough energy to do it over, or if I should just focus on what I've already got on my plate

I can't stay angry at this face for long....

***ETA: I had hubby toss it in the garbage wholesale (I was so angry!), but I just realized that most of the damage was done to the bodice, and there is plenty of fabric left in the skirts to do things with. So. I just went and dug it out.

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