Saturday, September 25, 2010

Queen Mary Gown - New Obsession


Thanks to Jaquelinne, I have a more-different-other obsession to pursue.  (heh)

Because of my gold and green brocade obsession, I'm completely prepared for this project.  :D

Here's the original damask, and the top two picks:

(The first one has the best drape, and has a richer tone, though the gold is more bronze.  The second and third are the same fabric, right and wrong sides.)

The smocking is going to take a whole lot longer than construction of the gown, so I think I will have plenty of time to decide which fabric to use.

I've spent a great portion of today researching the gown and drafting out the smocking pattern.  The smocking is really interesting - it's satin stitched, rather than a 'normal' smocking stitch.  I'm a bit nervous about it, but the more I look at it, the more I think I'll be able to do it.  (After a bit of practice!)

Thanks to the miracles of graph paper, Photoshop, excel and paint, I've drafted up a pretty good pattern (if I do say so myself.)

The major downside of going with the exact pattern is that there is a reversed swastika.  See it?

So, here's the dilemma - do I carry around a picture and explain it any time anyone says anything about it and do a faithful re-creation of the pattern, or do I find some other pattern to fill the square?  Hm.

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