Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Doot doot doot....


I'm running a test of the button class at FP this week - hopefully I will get all the kinks worked out before I head out to Collegium.  I have the PPT presentation all set up and ready to go for the buttons (hair is being worked on at the moment).

Jaquelinne very kindly has given me a ton of information (and a tin of nibs to borrow!) on the hand I'm trying to do for an upcoming scroll.  I'm pretty nervous about it, so I hope it turns out OK in the end.   (See angst at the end - this is very much related)

I'm such a dork - there are things I know, and then immediately push them to the back of my mind, only recalling them when they're brought up by someone else - like......the Queen is wearing purple "Italian" for Solstice.  What do I decide to do?  (Because I'm frustrated with German right now)  Yeah.  Purple Italian.  (sigh)  I'm actually making this gown specifically for Collegium - depending on the workload before 12th Night/Solstice, I may be doing a more-different-other out of one of the many gold brocades I have hanging around.

Speaking of purple Italiana......After three different bodices in three days, I finally decided to give up German for the time being and go back to Italian.  (grrrr)  I have the side back bodice done - eyelets and all (prettiest eyelets I've done to date, if I do say so myself), and the skirt is waiting to be attached.  It's pretty enough (I think) to wear it on it's own without the over gown if I don't get around to it.
My starting inspiration portrait is this one here:

Which is very much like my black gown.  (I still love it, but I've worn it to death, and it is getting the not-so-new feel.....the 8" rip in the skirt (from the first wearing) is bugging me more and more, and I've gained just enough weight to make it not fit quite as well as it once did.)

I'm going to be changing up a few things on this gown, namely the high doublet neckline and the tabs at the waist.  (I may actually add the tabs after it's all done if it still feels like it's missing something.)  My new kirtle gives a much more straight front than my old black silk one - I'm not terribly pleased about that, but it'll do.  I'll also be repurposing the high partlet I made for the black gown for this gown.

The gold cord will be outlining the bodice and creating the button loops, just like on the portrait.  I have this snazzy trim that matches really well too, and I'm not sure where (or if) to use it.  (Perhaps on the neckline of the kirtle?)  The brocade will take the place of the striped fabric in the portrait, and the black-looking velvet on the right is actually a deep plum that will be taking the place of the blue (satin?) of the over gown.

I'm a bit stumped with the sleeves - I think I might want to make them open on the seams (and button back together) - do I do front and back seam, or just the back??)

I need to run to the fabric store tonight and get moar gold cord (yes, yes - I need more gold cord - I don't have enough of the same size to do all the stuff I wanna do.....)

......which brings me to my last point.  I've done something terrible to my right wrist, and I'm all splinted up.  What I did, I don't know, but my range of movement is hampered for the foreseeable future.  GRRRRR.

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