Monday, November 15, 2010



I had a lovely time at T4T - I really like this event, nice and mellow!  I was one of the judges for the Arts and Sciences competition, and spent a good deal of the afternoon at the judges table.  (It always is a pleasanter experience when you get along with fellow judges, and it ended up taking a bit longer because we were having such a good time!)  I had the opportunity to judge the most SPECTACULAR mead I have ever had in my life.  HANDS DOWN.  It was so delicious, it was almost unfair to the other entrants.  (Almost)

Evening court was fabulous, with both Marguerite and Maysun receiving their Golden Maple Leafs.  FABULOUS!  I am so glad I actually, for once, had my camera on hand.  (See slideshow below)  I kept the flash off for most of the pics, so they're not the bestest in the world, but you get the idea......

Sunday morning Sis and I had a 'tea party' for Lil Miss.  She was seriously the cutest thing ever!  I really wish I had the presence of mind to pull out the camera - but I will try to remember next time!  She had a fabulous time pouring milk from her little teacup back into the creamer jug, and back again.  The best part was adding sugar cubes and stirring Mommy and Auntie Wells tea.  (There were times I wasn't sure I would get my cup back....)  I really want to get a full tea set for us to use - Miss would get such a kick out of it!!!

The remainder of the morning/afternoon was spent hard at work in the sewing room.  (With a couple hours worth of bread to go to my moms house for some yummy dinner with Sis and her fam)  We finished up embroidered underclothes for Sherece, and I'm 89% done with Sherece's stays.  Also, Astrid finished her FABULOUS stockings.  (I have some serious stocking lust, people.  Must.  Have.)  I'm completely motivated to get a pair of my own and finally use the garter buckes I purchased at Estrella a couple of years ago!

I'm 89% done with Sherece's stays.  (Woohoo)  I didn't get any time to work on the scroll for various and sundry reasons (ahem), but I have every intention of getting it done by Tuesday.  Cross your fingers for me, Imma gonna need it.
I finished up the weekend with emboidery on the PPoD (which is so close I can *TASTE* it), and watching the latest episodes of Dexter and Walking Dead.
On to the next week.........  >.< appears that my slideshow isn't properly embedding.  Holly,  here is a direct link to the album, since it's mostly for you to get copies of the pics anyway!

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