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This has nothing to do with the remainder of this post - but I've been noticing lately that a number of Italian gowns have HA-UUUUGE patterns (Like - way bigger than I had ever imagined would be the case, since I had never really noticed or paid attention before.)

Exhibits A, B, C - They're all three Florentine, if that makes any difference.

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled blogginess -
I'm closing in on the finish line (only hemming and shoulder treatments to go!), and I'm feelin' like TEH STIG.  (Yes, once again I've moved half my sewing room down to the living room.  *sigh*)

Ok, now, really, back to what I am supposed to be bloggity blogging about - Aiglets!  Because this project was super-duper last minute-y, I didn't think about aiglets until I had finished the sleeves and went "wait, wut?!" and realized I needed more, since Jaquelinne kindly bailed me out last time I needed 'em.  (My aiglet stash ran out about a year ago, and I've not replenished.  Bad seamstress, BAD!)

I went on a futile search for the filagree aiglets I normally used, and was at my wits end last night  - I bought a whole bunch of 'cone beads' all in a huff last night thinking to myself "Well, if all else fails, I can figure out *something* to do with these....." and was all angsty and bummed out I couldn't find my regular aiglets.  I went to a couple more stores after finding these and realized that this was it - this is what I was gonna have to 'make it work'.  (My hubby totally said that to me in the Tim Gunn voice when I was getting all stressed.  It was the best - I laughed and stopped stressing so much)
I felt they were a little to small, and too plain, but then I realized that they're just perfect.

So - this is what I did.......Last night I had measured off, knotted the ends, and attached the ribbons to the top of the sleeves, so I was ready to jump right in to the aiglets before sleep took me.
The knot is knotted in such a way that the ribbon kind of curls in on itself into a tapering point, rather than a bunch mess.  (Folded in quarters before setting the knot in the end)  I shoved the cone bead on the end, then used the tip of my pliers to really pack it down as much as I could.  (About 1/8" or so.  I could/should have taken the time to dab some glue down in there, but I didn't.  Do as I say, not as I do.)

Then, I took the same pliers and crimped the tops down around the knot.  On some of them, I had to go back and do a bit of damage control on the seams and squish the shape back into place, but more or less worked out great.  I tested each one by yanking on it to make sure the crimping covered the knot completely.  So far, so good.

Repeat 20x and you've got some pretty OK aiglets!

It's coming together!  (The sleeves really not as baggy as they look in that last pic - I was trying to hold them up and take a picture at the same time.  Not-so-Stig-like.)

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