Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Findings:  The Material Culture of Needlework and Sewing

04racket(“Girl with Racket and Shuttlecock” Jean Baptiste Siméon Chardin)

“Behold this equipage by MATHERS wrought
With fifty guineas (a great pen'orth!) bought!
See on the tooth-pick MARS and CUPID strive,
And both the struggling figures seem to liue.
Upon the bottom see the Queen's bright face;
A myrtle foliage round the thimble case;
JOVE, JOVE himself does on the scissars shine,
The metal and the workmanship divine.”

(“Town Eclogues: Thursday; the Bassette-Table“ Lady Mary Wortley Montagu)

2007BN3870_jpg_l(“Chatelaine” Victoria and Albert Museum)

Punch Chatelaine(“The Chatelaine; a Really Useful Present” John Leech, Punch Jan 13, 1849)

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