Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Tea - Melia's Dress

Sis and I started in on her Tea gown in earnest last night, and got amazingly far!  The plans (as they are wont to do) got bigger the more we looked at stash options (we're both still very much on a from the stash kick!), the more ideas came together to make a whole new outfit.....mostly because I happen to have this red silk, and an awesome patterned and textured red and black organza fabric that has been waiting patiently for the perfect project......

Can you guess who she is going to be??  :D
Doing a whole new outfit is less scary than it sounds, as we've already figured out the patterns that we're using, have already gone through all the fitting hullaballoo, and all the underthings are done and ready for wear.  Last night we got as far as cutting out nearly all of the bodice, and the entire skirt is sewn together (it just needs waistband and hem!)


  1. That red silk is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it! 

  2. I am super excited for this dress!  I need to come invade your house so we can work on it... soon!