Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dickens 2012 Recap

I realized that I never posted here about Dickens, other than the "Oh crap!  Got LOTS TO DO!!!" posts.  Long story short, it was really fun spending that much time with my sis, Holly ended up hanging out with us for most of it (thank goodness!  It was so nice to have a third person!!!), and we won "Best Womens Costume".....we didn't even know there was a contest!  Lol!

Holly ended up wearing my red velvet gown and my purple 'Cranford' gown (Although I only have pictures of the red velvet):

Both Melia and I wore my 'old' green plaid gown (at different times, obvs!), and Melia ended up wearing her 'Red Queen' gown (minus crown) quite a bit:

I mostly wore the red plaid gown that I made specifically for Dickens, although I still regret making the sleeves smaller than they ought to have been!  The last-minute apron (seriously Last Minute!) worked well enough, but one day, I want to go back and make a better version.

All in all, we had super good fun!  Melia and I were quite silly the first few days (we entertained our neighbors with silly sing-alongs and crazy dancing....don't ask......), but our collective energy waned as the days passed.  :)

Let this be a lesson to myself - take more pictures, and post in a timely manner!

p.s.  The power went out multiple times on the last night, and that was quite a bummer.  


  1. Ahem.  You have also never posted finished pictures of your new plaid dress. *prod*

  2. Hehe....yeah, that's part of the "I need to remember to take more pictures"!  :D

    I need to wash it before taking *any* pictures of it - it got some pretty hard use!

  3. I understand. /nod.  Still haven't taken pics of Justin's red and black tunic I made in 2011...