Monday, January 1, 2007

Crazy Sewing Weekend

Holly came up this afternoon, a bit later than we had originally planned. We haven't done too much yet, so far her gown is only a drafted bodice. I made up a toile a couple of hours ago, and I am SO STOKED. It fit perfectly, and am looking forward to stealing it for a gown of my own a little later.

On other news, I purchased gold ballet flats much like the ones posted earlier. The only difference is that they are plain, not quilted. I kind of liked the quilted look, but PayLess didn't have the quilted ones in stock and the plain ones were on sale for $7. Not too shabby for something that will be rarely seen.

I completely forgot about the neckline treatment of my new gown, and thankfully I have Holly to do the hand sewing on that while I work on her gown. I will totally be jealous when it's done. She make a fantastically beautiful belt. We're not even planning on starting the gold netting over dealio tomorrow, but it will be done at some point.

I completely forgot to take pictures while I was fitting the toile, but hopefully I'll remember to click while I sew tomorrow.

First thing in the morning is lattes and shopping for the last bits and pieces that are needed for both of our gowns.

Tomorrow will be a loooooooong day. Wish me luck.

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