Friday, January 30, 2009

Holy mice-n-cheez! - closing in on the finishline....

I severly underestimated the time it would take to finish this project! I am completely done with the verticals and all the beading. Now all I have left to do it go through the horizontals. I think this portion will go faster, since I'm not beading as I go. I'm kind of bummed that my thread is fraying so much, it's looking 'fuzzy' up-close. *gah* But still, 'twill be teh awesome when I'm done. (at least in my mind!)

I am still wiffling on how to finish the edge. I am slightly leaning towards the solid band.....make it as narrow as possible, and bead gold and pearls at the edge, maybe? I can't face embroidering the band as well right now.

I really need to start working on some of my actual clothing projects soon, not just the accessories. I've washed and dried the linen and the wool for Kao's tunics. I have the black linen thread for the wool tunic, so maybe that will be my next project. I just need to come up with an acceptable pattern.

I am having a serious time coming up with Hospitaller clothing documentation. Everything on the net seems to be based on the same picture in the book I have (the only one I've found so far that touches on Hospitaller clothing), which is a modern artist's interpritation of what they may have worn based on written accounts. I'm not a research-guru, but I like to have some sort of visual basis for what I do. And I have a hard time just making a black tunic, slapping a white cross on it and calling it a Hospitaller's tunic. I'm also kind of weirded out about the whole cloak/hood thing.

Bleah, why couldn't he have chosen something 'easier'??

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