Saturday, February 7, 2009


My sewing room is (mostly) organized!!

The voodoo goddess of the sewing room. (She often demands a blood sacrifice before the completion of any project. Otherwise, threads break, needles bend, and seams fly askew.)

The doors actually *close*!! This is the first time since I started moving my sewing things in! And some of the booty inside....Teh grows! (I'm not showing the other half of the closet. It's not nearly as neat as this side. One day, I'll get another set of shelves and set them up on the other side. (The shelves are about 2/3 wider than what can be seen in this pic.)

Moving clockwise through the room...the sweatshop table with multiple machines, the steamer and ironing board acutally put away! (The tunic is hanging from the steamser)

Continuing in a clockwise motion around the room....the main source of light in the room. (Thank you, sis!!) Then some tubs that will eventually be put away in the closet-O-doom. Then we have the corner desk for drawing, computering, and serging. Next to that is my reference books (oh how I love them), and Bertha, the DD, is hiding in her naked shame behind the door.

One day, I want to move the table to the wall with the tubs, put a loveseat or couple of cozy chairs in the bay window for handsewing. I am going to try to corral my crafting to this room only, and give up the coveted corner of the couch that has been overrun with pins and needles and large baskets of sewing gear. Central to this plan are the seating, and the installation of a television on top of the corner desk to listen to movies while sewing. If I can keep the room at a decent state of organization, I'll move my office in here as well. I really need somewhere I can close the door, especially for conference calls.

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