Saturday, June 13, 2009

Whoa, It's been a super productive couple of days!

Mah hubby sent this picture of Demitri to me the other day....I don't know when it was taken, but it totally needs a LOLcat caption....Ideas, anyone?

I can has camp bed!!!!!! My wonderful super wonderful crafty wonderful hubby has made me a bed!!! It's tall enough to store tubs under it, even!!!!! *love* After Uprising, we'll be carving the posts and painting it, and probably adding a headboard/footboard. For now, it does the job of keeping our mattress out of the muck. (Which is what ended up making us leave Quest early...)

I got the waistband added to the Cranford Dress. I tried on the bodice with the corset and everything, and it FITS!!! i forgot to take piccies tho.

Holly found some awesome dishes to (once again) build up my SCA feastgear. Hopefully I can grab them from her as she passes this way on the way home from the dog show tomorrow...I'd really like to have them for Uprising!

I forgot to post about this when we actually did it......we power washed Holly's looks like new! (Almost)

Demitri is a helper dog, helping me sew Matt's new Roman quilted armor. (Never. Again.) But, it makes Matt happy, which in turn, makes it easier for me to hang out with my sister. Which I can never have too much of!

But anyway, here they are....

The tops of the legs are attached with a band, and the lower greave portion is sewn to that. The foot flappies are attached to the bottom of the greaves. Everything will be attached with leather straps. (But that's his deal, not mine)

The mitt portion will cover his lacrosse gloves. He gets ONE arm (probably left) before Uprising. I may or may not be able to gag down making another one.

Total count --

*8 broken needles
*58 snapped threads
*108 stab wounds
*208 swear words

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