Monday, June 22, 2009

Uprising = Teh Awesomest Evar!

Well, color me jealous! Holly got a brand-new spiffin' coat of awesomeness, which I am thoroughly green with envy over --

Thankfully, she was wearing it when she got called up into Grand Court for her Key Cross!!!! W00T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I was able to remember to at least snap *one* picture of some of the girls....(Missed out on getting a whole bunch of others, ah well)

(Me, Aine, Maysun, Melia)

On the way to the event, we passed the Potato Museum. You think I'm joking? ......

But anyway, it was rainy, but not *too* rainy, I had a smashing time hanging out with everyone, my class went OK, and the Artisan's Showcase was very nice, and the kitchen turned out WONDERFUL. I wish I had just *one more day*.....

I think I have mah honee hooked on the SCA for reals now....he's been a smidge uncomfortable about the whole thing, but he's coming 'round.

Also think I have mah sis hooked on some more different other styles of dress (see above!) w00t!

I've had many, many promises from many people that WE WILL start working on projects regularly, and I'm hoping that acutally happens. (.....especially since I asked Mistress Bethany a Very Important Question, to which, I am hoping the answer is "Yes". Ooooh, need to make another belt....muahahaha)

My mind is all cluttered with a million different thoughts, and I'm finding it hard to articulate, but all in all, had a great time!

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