Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Continuing Adventures of Sewing While Impaired

So, I bought a pattern, the Galla Rock "Gathered Bodice Workdress, Daydress". The picture on the front looked *very* promising, but I've been having a crisis with this pattern. Most of the time, I don't even *use* patterns, but since I'm new to the CW era, and most CW patterns are based off extant garments, I feel pretty confident. My purple dress was made directly off of the Past Patterns "Full High Gown" Making this dress was one of the best by-a-pattern experience I'd ever had, fit like a dream, and the instructions were very clear, with a ton of historical notes. I guess I was spoiled with such a great pattern, because I am EXTREMELY unhappy with Galla Rock.

Here is a picture of the pattern, and the fabric I'm hoping to use for the dress. I have enough that I can make a mistake or two and still have enough to finish the dress. (I hope!)

The pattern is hand-drawn, which in of itself is not a terrible thing, but the lines are thick and messy. There are spelling mistakes and scratch-outs ON THE PATTERN. Really? Come on, now. My measurements are a bit extreme, and I knew I would have to do some adjustments (my waist measurement is 31", and my bust is 45") so I usually have to do a 14 or a 16 for the waist, and anywhere up to a 22-24 for the bust, but the pattern ONLY came with 16 and 18. And the side back seams do not match up at all. Grrr. I bit the bullet and decided to do a mock-up, and edit from there since my confidence in the pattern was about nil. (As it should have been!) I went searching around the web for a reputable CW gathered bodice pattern, but I didn't find anything that struck my fancy. Besides, this is going to be one of the projects that I want to work on over the long weekend, so I'd have to wait for the new pattern to arrive.

As you can see, the back is far too large and about 1-2" too long (it's hard to tell exactly while wearing it. I'll have to get Kao to mark the waistline for me sometime this weekend.)

The side fits OK, but still kind of feels funky. I'm not *too* worried about it since I'll have poofy bishop sleeves that hopefully will cover a multitude of side back seam sins.

And the front. *le sigh* It fits relatively well up to the side front area, then drastically juts up to 2 1/2" too short (from mah boobies) The neckline sits just about perfect as-is, so I'll have to add in seam allowance. I think I'm going to end up cutting the front extra long, and then cutting off whatever is too long after gathering to the waistband. (The front is pinned slightly open - this is actually right, since I cut the toile out of the lining, not the fashion fabric, and the lining has a facing for the button holes and buttons.)

Now I have to re-draw the patterns and cut a new toile. Wish me luck, K? I need to do some more research and figure out what buttons I should be using, and how to do a dog-leg closure. Anyone know how??

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