Monday, August 10, 2009

This is the dress I won on eBay. I really REALLY want to use this dress as a pattern to create my own. This dress is *SO AMAZING*. There are a couple of neat little things that I found out after I had bought it, and that alone is worth a lot! There are two built-in adjustable bustle bones in the underskirt! I don't think this specific dress was meant to have much, if anything in the way of a bustle. Perhaps a pad, but certainly not the full-length boned bustle. The 'collar' piece is one long strip that has been pressed into shape creating the 'lapel' effect. Also extremely interesting in this piece is the fact that there is a semi-attached skirt flap that hides the center back seam for the underskirt and front overskirt.

I *love* this bodice to itty bitty bits! b0dice_g0ddess gave me some beautiful striped brocade that I'm going to use to re-create this jacket. Yay!

late victorian/late bustle period gowns:

Somewhere between elliptical and full-on bustle:

Cage crinoline:

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