Monday, August 10, 2009

Cero e Luce, Gifties, and a few Piccies!

Saturday morning, Holly and I were taking our sweet time getting ready for the day when Bianca came running into the pavillion, telling us to "come, quick....NOW!" I was kind of worried, but then I saw court being held. Then I thought they were going to do something for mah hubby, since Quest is his "first" camping events or something. But in mah half-finished garbing (well, everything but veil and hair) was called into court, to recieve the only award I have *ever* coveted...the Cero e Luce!!! OMG HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy, shaking, and trying not to be a big 'ole boob....

Can you even believe that the wonderful ladies who worked on this scroll have been doing scribal arts for only six months or so?!?! It's beautiful! You can't really see all the whitework, but it's completely exquisite. I'm so pleased!

I found out that the only reason that Holly made it to Quest was to be there for my award....I loves me mah friends!!!! (She gave up a dog show for me, that's a *big deal*!!!!)

Here's a pic of Holly in her new blue dress with Issy, me in my old venetian, (with the horns and veil!!), Baroness Daria, and Veronique.

I know I've mentioned it only once or twice, but I *LOVE* mah friends!!! Holly made me a new zibie with the halter-style decorations. He's a stone marten, and is adorably cute! Unfortunately even with the rain, not once was it near chilly enough to carry him around. I'm sure Uprising will bring many, many opportunities! I loves the little guy, he has so much personality! :D

Holly also made a beautiful jewelry set for my Sero e Luce. I *love* wearable awards! :D And it's all pearly and red and gold....can't be more perfect!!!!!!! (And spaaaaarkly!)

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