Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bodice update and more....

Mom came over last night and we got out our new toy.....we went in together and purchased a Cricut machine. (Which is kind of funny, since Mom's school bought one for the teachers the VERY next day!) It is SO neat! I still need to figure it out a bit, but I think it will become invaluable in the future.

I cleaned my sewing room for a little while, and got the piping added to the remainder of the trim.

Everything is pinned and ready to go, but I have some nerves about the spacing between the ruffles. Bodice_goddess has the best saying in the world, and I need to get it printed up and put on my wall; "That's what seam rippers are for!"


But anyway, here's a poor picture of what things are looking like right now:

Oh, btw, while I was cleaning, II had a flash of inspiration with the 40+ yards of netting I bought in LA, but I have GOT to get this project out of the way first! ( prepared for another Vic dress as soon as this one is in the bag!)

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