Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No, I have not done any more to my Vic dress!

But bodice_goddess sent me some pictures she took over the weekend to motivate me to work on it some more!

Baby got BACK!

Working on the bustle, uncorseted...

Working on the bustle, corseted!

(My lame-o point and shoot in the foreground, taunting me with its inability to reliably take pictures....)

Keeping somewhat organized....but this is only the gets worse!

This is the floor directly behind the picture above! :D

All the bodice pieces basted to the cotton organdy interlining and sewn with the seam allowances clipped and the process of tacking the boning casings to the appropriate seams:

Box pleating in process...pre-pressing, and pre-piping:

And how the trim looks after being applied to the hem....Yay! Thank you again to bodice_goddess for suggesting and helping out!

Once the seams are turned, clipped and pressed, they won't be quite as wonky, but there will still be a TON of fullness over the bustle.

And what it pretty much looks like right now....


I wanna be home so I can play with my bodice!

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