Monday, November 16, 2009

"Blackwork" Camacia, & Fitting Issues

I decided to do flowers on the side gores and gussets -

A whole PILE of "blackwork"! I would have given up half way through the first sleeve if I were doing it by hand!

The whole thing (mostly) constructed. The neckline gave me fits and took nearly half a day to figure out. And I still didn't do it right! I didn't mess up so bad I feel like going back and fixing it, though. I'll probably be adding some lace to the edge as well.

Still left to do:
-side seam

I also worked on fitting the bodice. The front and the back I think are pretty much dead-on, but the dang standing collar is giving me a horrible time! I don't get the same fitting issues on Bertha that I do when I put it on, so I can't even fiddle with it and figure out what it is! Driving me *insane*

Basically, here's what's happening - The back shoulders are fitting just fine, and the front from the shoulders all the way down the center front look pretty dang fantastic, if I do say so myself. But I'm getting this weird puckery foldy thing right at the base of my neck where the collar starts to go up. It's right about where a seam would be if I attached the collar seperately but I *do not want*. I really, really have this idea in my head that I can get a smooth line all the way down the back.....I'm just not sure how I have to tweak things since I can't manipulate the fabric while it's on my body. I love the flare of the collar in the front, and I really don't want to ruin it by chopping things off and adding a collar seperately. I'm a bit stuck and getting pretty frustrated.

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