Monday, December 14, 2009

More Gown Photos

Because sometimes, I just can't get enough of myself. (in case you missed it, that statement was *dripping sarcasm*)

The overall look, with hair that is going a bit flat and not-so-fluffy. I was kind of worried that the bodice would look funky without stays, but everything worked out just fine with the kirtle lightly boned, and OMG, this dress was SO comfortable All. Day. Long!

Closeup of the bodice and belt by the ever-fabulous Aine. I'm so happy with the way that the frogs turned out, I'm itching to make more.

Closeup of neckline - necklace and earrings by Aine, of course! (I added the tineh widdle bows, tho!)

Closeups of sleeves and belt. I still am totally in love with the sleeves, and they survived a full day event with no noticable deterioration! Yay for pinking!

The veil I decided needed to be dyed about midnight the night before the event.....heh.

I need to fix my camacia neckline, and change out the sleeve ties, but other than that, I just can't wait to wear it again!

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